At Ally Independence, LLC, we hire only Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) as our caregivers.  Other home care organizations use only caregivers as caregivers.  So what is the difference between CNAs and caregivers?  The simple answer is training and certification.  In order to become a CNA, one must embark in an education program that requires classes in medical ethics, anatomy, patient care, patient rights, biohazards, and more.  During this training program, a candidate must also complete 60 hours of classroom work and 100 hours of supervised, hands-on training.  They also must pass an exam based on their training to receive their CNA certification, which must be updated every few years.  

Basic caregivers, on the other hand, simply need a high school diploma or GED certification; only 5 hours of training is required.  With this significant difference in training, it is clear to see that having a CNA providing assistance to one’s activities of daily living can provide huge benefits.  A CNA has the skills and knowledge to properly care for someone, and take care of their needs.  At Ally Independence, LLC, we value the training and experience that is required with a CNA certification, and believe that those trained individuals are better qualified to provide care to our clients who deserve nothing but the best in home care services.