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Betty Smith*: A Case Study About In-Home Care

At Ally Independence, we provide in-home care to suit the individual needs of every client.  Let’s look at Betty as a perfect example.  Betty began her in home care with companionship needs, requiring four hours of care per day.  She was new to the area, her children were busy working, and she was unable to drive.  Ally Independence was her perfect solution.

As time progressed, Betty’s care needs dramatically changed.  She began experiencing the early stages of dementia, becoming uninterested in past hobbies, becoming forgetful, disoriented, and confused at night.  Noticing these changes, Ally Independence, working with Betty’s family, immediately put a new care plan in place.  Betty’s new in home care was tailored to working with and supporting her condition.  Her care services increased to 12-14 hours a day, seven days a week to help ease her anxiety, take her to her doctor’s’ appointments, get her out into the community, be a companion, and help with memory issues.  After several weeks of continuous care, Betty’s symptoms were being effectively managed through an effective in-home care program and compassionate caregivers.  She continues to live independently today with the assistance of Ally Independence’s in-home care services.

Betty’s story is one of the countless examples of how our in-home care provided a tremendous help to the aging process of a Sacramento area resident, while allowing them to remain living independently in their own home.


*Name has been changed to protect client’s identity.

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