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Millions of people suffer from dementia in the United States.  Dementia is the loss of the ability to think, remember, or reason, in addition to the loss of behavioral abilities.  This condition is extremely challenging to understand because of the wide range of symptoms, progression, and intensity.  Alzheimer’s disease is only one type of dementia.  Every case is unique and deals with issues from memory loss, lack of interest, disorientation, neglect of personal care, and more.  Because of these varying cases, each individual with dementia requires a unique program of care.

For dementia care Sacramento has many different options.  However, at Ally Independence, we know that keeping dementia patients in their own homes, around their own belongings, is extremely beneficial to their care.  With that in mind, create care plans to ensure the best level of memory care that ensure clients feel safe, independent, and most importantly, cared for.  With today’s dementia care Sacramento has an ally in Ally Independence.  Our caregivers are by the client’s side, every step of the way.  Ally Independence’s CNA caregivers have the training, skills, and experience to provide the best level of care.

Our caregivers can aid dementia patients in a variety of ways, including providing companionship, helping with hygiene like remembering to brush teeth, bath, or change clothes, creating nutritious meals, encouraging engagement with other people, and others.  From a few hours everyday to full time care, Ally Independence is greatly benefiting those who need memory care.   

By standing by our vision of “Aging Gracefully on Your Own Terms,” we allow all of those using our care services to live life to the fullest!

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