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Ally Independence, LLC was created out of passion and compassion.  We are Jason and Stacey East, founders of Ally Independence, and enter the home care field with over fifteen years of experience running successful businesses.  We established the company after we had some disappointing experiences with local in-home care organizations for our own parents, and decided that we could do a better job at providing high-quality, compassionate home care for the greater Sacramento Area.

Several years ago, Jason’s father was diagnosed with terminal Stage 4 Melanoma.  As time progressed, his mom and dad needed extra help caring for his dad, as well as getting through the tasks of everyday life.  They decided, with our assistance, to hire an in-home care organization to perform the tasks that they could not, and to aid in the personal care that Jason’s father needed. During the following year, they went through several in-home care organizations, all of which failed to live up to the care they promised.  We noticed several things through this process.  One was that we were hiring companies from 30-45 minutes away; there were no true local options.  Also, we experienced confusion, a lack of organization and professionalism, and unqualified caregivers.  One afternoon, Jason’s father fell out of bed, and the caregiver assigned to him (which the company promised best met his needs) could not lift him up back into bed.  She simply looked at Jason’s mother and said, “I think he needs an ambulance or something.”  After incidents like that, we took on the care of Jason’s parents ourselves, giving us a great insight to the experience of caregiving.  Once his father passed, we tried, again, to find in-home care to support his mother, but, unfortunately, ran into similar problems as we had in the past, despite hiring different companies.  At that point, we looked at each other and decided that we could create a better in-home care experience for the people of our own community.  We had the passion and drive to form a company that gives seniors and others the dignity and grace they deserve as they age.  Thus, Ally Independence, LLC was born!

There are a multitude of reasons why Ally Independence stands out above the rest of senior care Sacramento organizations when it comes to non-medical home care services, including:

We are LOCALLY owned and operated!

We are vested and invested in the Sacramento region as an in-home care Sacramento agency.  Living in the area for the past thirteen years has given us a lot of time to become very involved in the local community.  From sending our children to local public schools, to being active members of our church community, from supporting local organizations that benefit the people of the Sacramento area, to operating our own businesses in the area, we are thoroughly involved in the local community.  This is our home, our community, and we want nothing but the best for the people living in it.  Ally Independence is not part of a franchise, meaning that we are driven and motivated by our clients, not national quotas.  We are able to spend more time on client care management, hiring the most qualified caregivers, and providing compassionate, customized care, rather than worrying about what the corporate office is telling us to do.  Being a locally owned company means that WE get to make the best decisions for the seniors in the Sacramento region, not someone living miles away.  Ally Independence focuses on the senior members of the greater Sacramento community being able to age gracefully during, what should be, their golden years.

We hire trained professionals you can trust!

At Ally Independence, only the best candidates qualify to serve as our caregivers.  Our rigorous standards require that all caregivers are Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) with experience in the field.  Being a CNA means that our caregivers have received over sixty hours of classroom training in medical ethics, anatomy, patient care, patient rights, biohazards, and more, as well as a minimum of 100 hours of supervised, hands-on training, and passed an exam that certifies them.

Ally Independence also verifies all skills, training, and references for each of our caregivers, and requires that each of them are part of the California Home Aide Registry.  We also ensure that each of our caregivers are compassionate, caring, and respectful.  All of this means that the people coming into the homes of our clients and help them to continue living independently are trained to do so!

In addition to hiring the most qualified, trained CNAs as our caregivers, Ally Independence also is supported through skilled individuals in the home care field.  Our staff also includes a Care Administrator, Gerontology Consultant and Family Psychologist, ensuring that your entire in-home care experience with Ally Independence is nothing but exceptional.

We create CUSTOMIZED care plans!

We recognize that everyone ages differently, and has different needs at different times.  Therefore, each client receives their own personal, customized care plan.  Ally Independence offers a plethora of services in order to allow our clients to maintain an independent lifestyle.  Customized care begins with the first phone call to Ally Independence, where a member of our staff will set up a free in-home safety and needs assessment at your convenience with our Care Administrator.  This assessment will not only ensure that you or your loved one is living in a safe, secure environment, but will also assess the care needs that that particular individual has.  From the safety and needs assessment, clients work with their Care Administrator to create a care plan that is personalized for them, allowing for the most comfort and safety possible.  

With the technology that we use, a caregiver is always aware of the personalized care plan prior to arriving at a client’s home.  Our online system also allows family members to view and have a voice in the care of their loved one.  These components aid in maintaining the most current, relevant, and personalized care plan.  Ally Independence’s customized care plans demonstrate our commitment to the excellent in-home care of our clients; their well-being and care is our top priority.

Let us be an ally in your independent living, and help you keep you in your own home. We are an in-home care Elk Grove company, fully licensed, bonded, and insured company. An immense amount of hard-work, determination, and passion has been put into Ally Independence, LLC, from the moment we came up with the business idea to today.  We could not be more thrilled to offer personalized, quality, local in-home care for a community that we love.  Age gracefully with Ally Independence by scheduling your home care assessment today!

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