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There are Great Benefits of Senior Care Sacramento Residents are Finding

With the goal of allowing seniors to age gracefully on their own terms, Ally Independence strives to provide the most exceptional level of senior care.  Senior Care Sacramento organization, Ally Independence, offers a number of benefits to those seeking in home care.  First of all, we provide consistent care by trained Certified Nursing Assistants.  Often times, despite best intentions, family members are unable to care for an aging loved one.  In those instances, being able to turn to a reliable source of care is vital.  All of our caregivers are qualified CNAs, who have had ample training and experience.  At Ally Independence, we strive to have the same caregiver with a client in order to provide the highest quality of care.  We also take into account personalities to create the best match of caregiver and client, so that the best possible care relationship may develop.

Additionally, Ally Independence creates personalized care plans.  Recognizing that every individual is different, we take the time to develop clear understanding of the needs of each client before establishing a unique, customized care plan.  Ally Independence does not put care into a pre-packaged option, but rather develops care that is specifically tailored to the individual regarding both the type of care services needed, as well as the amount of care needed.  We are here to serve the seniors of the Sacramento region and allow them to live independently.

Finally, Ally Independence provides a high level of safety assurance to our clients and their loved ones.  As a senior care Sacramento organization, we are licensed with the State of California, have our Home Care Organization license, and are insured and bonded.  All of our caregivers have been screened, are registered with the California Home Care Aide Registry, have their CPR verification, have had their TB test, in addition to other benefits.  They also work directly under the supervision of our Chief Care Administrator, ensuring that they are all held to the highest standard of providing care.

Senior care Sacramento organization, Ally Independence, is brining a high level of in home care to the aging population of Sacramento.  With the services it offers and caregivers it hires, Ally Independence offers tremendous benefits to seniors and their families, truly allowing people to age gracefully on their own terms.

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